Things I Want To Know About

Is there a tablet for sleeping less? For having 20 hours or so quality awake time every day?

Rubbish chutes in blocks of flats.

The correct way to wear a pareo skirt. Can I put trousers underneath it. Is that okay?

I have to go on the tube soon. Whenever I’m in the tube I think about running out of air. It isn’t natural. I’d rather be in a balloon or rollerskates or crawling on my hands and knees over hot glass. Is the tube all right? Really? I am talking about lack of air and collapsing more than I am talking about terrorists. Will I be all right? Sure?

My sewing machine is knackered. I want to fix it all on my own. I want to know about gadgets and machines. I want to impress my friends with a tool belt.

I want to know about going into a bookies and making a bet. Do you just go in and say, hello, I think that a whale is going to wash up on Southport beach this week. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. That sort of thing. Can you still smoke in bookies? Why are the windows always blacked out? Is is so the light doesn’t shine off the telly screens? Is it because they sell porn in there?

I watched Watership Down in small sections via Youtube. It scared me a bit. I’m only half way through. I’ve never read it before. Should I? Is it all it cracked up to be?

Can I still buy fuzzy felt sets? Is it possible to make fuzzy felt sets?

In Balboa, Mrs Rocky (Adrian) is dead. What did she die of? I saw the film, but I can’t remember. It is really bothering me.

Who can I ask about decomposition in small, cold, airless places? I want to know about smells in particular.

That’s all. I know I’m a librarian and I could probably find most of these things out myself. But I find things out all day. I feel like not finding out right now. Just stealing or making up the answers would be fine.

Thank you. 

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