I didn’t blog about the reading I did in Derby. That’s because me and Small Fry have been ill. She is still ill. In fact, she is asleep on the couch right now. I’m taking a big risk at the moment, because my couch is white and the Small Fry has been having a lot of nosebleeds the past couple of days.

Taking risks like that is what motherhood is all about.

I got a bit lost on the drive to Derby. There were roadworks and one way systems. I was ANGRY. And then we were there. The reading night went excellently well. It was full of ‘freshest up and coming writers’.

I read a story about an old man who was persecuted even unto death by a selection of recycling bins. Chris Killen read a love story about an itch in the tummy. Emma and Nathan and Biff all read stories. Biff played the guitar. I was consumed by a burning feeling of love and appreciation for my fellow human beings.

The stories are all in the book, and you can buy the book here. It comes in a hand-made green box with some extra surprises inside. You really, really should get it.

After the reading there was blue drinks, dancing and wine-theft. Then I woke up in the morning and felt like I was about to die unless I spoke very slowly and sat very still. I listened to the Simon and Garfunkel MegaMix on the way home. That sorted me out.

For better descriptions on the evening, including photographs of the book and my most special blue and white tea-pot, please click here.

For a full run down on who read what and more good pictures, please click here

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