Shortlist 2 + Extra Tour Dates

I have been short-listed for the 2008 Manchester Blog Awards in the ‘Best Writing on A Blog’ category. The other categories and the blogs short-listed for them are all up at The Manchizzle. Go there, but then come back here.

The other blogs on the short-list are: Nine Chains to the Moon and Chicken and Pies and Diary of a Bluestocking. Go those places too, but then come back here.

I will be adding an extra date to the Jenn tour and reading at the awards ceremony thing on Weds Oct 22 at Matt and Phred’s Jazz Club. Go there, then go home afterwards.

There’s a strange smell in my house. I have used lemon scented disinfectant to mop and wipe everything. I’ve done all the washing up and laundry. I’ve emptied the bins and checked the plugholes. I cleaned the toilet. But it is still hanging around. I think the smell might be inside my nose. 

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