Mystical Ways

Sometimes I am stuck for story ideas. That is okay. I do something else on those days.

The small fry is never stuck for story ideas. She told my friend and I that she had a friend called Mister Pancake who is a girl with small boobies. Mister Pancake’s mum and dad are dead and she can mainly look after herself.

She lives on an Island. We have a globe and a map of the solar system. She pointed to Saturn. That is where the island is. The island is called Mystical Ways and the leaves on the trees never turn brown and fall off there. Snow White lives there too, but she doesn’t have any eyes.

Small Fry said when she lived in my tummy she was a bit lonely because it was dark and there was no-one to cuddle her. She said she cried, and Mister Pancake came to live with her and tickle her until she was ready to be born.

When Mr Pancake isn’t on Mystical Ways she is under Small Fry’s bed in the baby photograph box. She tickles people in the night, sneaks about the kitchen. She takes a bite out of an apple and puts it back in the fruit bowl. Sometimes she wees in the bed, but it’s because she’s little so that’s okay. Sometimes she steals the chocolate mouse in the fridge, and leaves little finger prints on the white walls.

I got a form to put myself on the Electoral Roll. Will I go to prison if I put Mister Pancake on the Electoral Roll too? 

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