Jenn Ashworth ‘on tour’ + harrowing viewing

I will be reading in Derby on the 20th September at the launch of HOME, the third book from the very excellent Time Travel Opportunists.

I will be reading at No Point In Not Being Friends 3 in Manchester on the 23rd September.

I will be reading and talking at the Preston Writers Inc meeting in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall on the 13th October.

I will be reading at the Dukes Theatre in Lancaster on the 29th October with some other Flax writers.

I have been watching a lot of Mr Bean clips on youtube recently. I don’t know why. I find them harrowing. The one about his New Year’s party makes me sad. I watched them a lot when I was about nine. I don’t think I fully understood the harrowing aspect to Mr Bean then, but I do now. 

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