Get Your Eyes Round This

This is Ernst Haeckel, who never let the facts get in the way of a good picture, and who named a jellyfish he discovered after his long dead wife because its tendrils and tentacles reminded him of her flowing hair. I think that’s beautiful.

Ernst was a biologist and a philosopher and an artist. He was wrong about some of his ideas. He said ‘politics is applied biology’ which made him popular with the Nazis. He fudged some of his facts to make his theories stand up better.

When I look at the pictures he drew I feel very calm and happy. I worry most of the time. I wash up and count my breaths and think, ‘Jenn, you are witnessing the death-throes of capitalism!’ From now on, whenever I get the urge to stock-pile toilet paper and typewriter ribbon, I am going to look at these pictures. 

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