Article + Shortlist + New Shirt

I wrote an article about the blogs and online magazines with writing in that I like. It has just gone up here. Some of you are mentioned in it. It is mainly aimed at people who are beginners to the ‘on-line lit scene’ so if you do something or know about something that you think should be in the article but isn’t, you should post it on the comments on Vulpes Libris. Lots of new hits that way. Loads of people read that book blog.

I have also been short-listed for next year’s version of this. When I mean me, I mean the anniebook. The ‘said work’. A Kind of Intimacy. I am probably irritatingly excited now. The 12 New Voices will be chosen from the short-list of 35 and announced at the beginning of December.

I will be in Derby this weekend. I am very excited. I had a Top Banana time the last time I went, even though no-one would fight me. I have bought a new shirt in anticipation. It is green. I am wearing it now, just to break it in. Also sitting very still, not eating, smoking or sweating. Then it will still be a new shirt on Saturday. 

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