A Kind of Intimacy promo + singing underwear

I wanted to show my friend the page on Amazon with my book on it. I typed in my name. It asked me if I meant ‘mens Ashworth’. I typed in the title of the book. Amazon wondered if I wouldn’t also like: The Best Kind of Loving: A Black Woman’s Guide to Finding Intimacy, or Discovering Sexuality That Will Satisfy You Both: When Couples Want Different Kinds of Sex or A new kind of intimacy: A manual for husbands and wives.

I did not want any of these books.

I wanted this book: Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie: Intimacy and Design

Syrian lingerie is racy attire little-known in the west. Manufactured in Syria and exported throughout the Middle East, it blinks, sings, vibrates, and flashes lights, and is adorned with everything from faux fir to artificial flowers and feathered birds to colourful plastic toy cell phones. This sort of lingerie is well known and accepted in Syrian culture, and is openly displayed in the markets and souks – it forms an important part of the longstanding folk traditions around weddings and marriage. Brides-to-be are given it as gifts by their mothers, or buy it themselves; husbands buy it for wives.


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