What I am Up To At The Moment

1. Spending more time than I would like writing a portfolio about my last two years of being a librarian. This is so I can send it to the Real Librarian’s club and be allowed to be a Real Librarian too. Working in a library is not a pretend job I have until I ‘make it’ as a writer. I like it very much. So I am writing the portfolio and applying to join the club. I am going to put a bit in the portfolio about Sh. It is going into the section about new technologies. I like the Sh bit. It is a very different kind of writing. The prose is ugly, although I do like using bullet points and tables.

  • like this
  • and this

2. Practising yoga in my bedroom when no-one else is around to laugh at me. I used to go to a yoga class and I stopped because I felt daft doing it in front of people. Now I am doing it again to cure some persistent conditions. Such as

  • lethargy
  • insomnia
  • misanthropy
  • out of control imaginings resulting in anxiety
  • persistent borderline alcoholism

3. Writing a second draft of fishbook, adding scenes that should have been there in the first place, and trying to find a structure for it. This is hard and tiring but I like it better than first drafts.

  • I don’t have a relevant bullet point for this.

4. Working on a very short story commissioned by Flax.
5. Considering what I will read when I go here.
6. Getting ready to move house again. 

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