What I am doing Tonight

I am reading here. This is a reminder to everyone. You should come. Even if you don’t feel like hearing me read a story about a goldfish, there will be lots of other interesting people coming, like my friend Sian. I have just read her novel. It is Top Banana.

If you do come and you want to talk to me, I will be the person in the purple sparkly halter-neck. I’ve decided to be glamorous for one evening. I’ll probably look like a man dressed up in clothes he thinks glamorous women wear during nights out in Manchester. But I will be doing my best.

The halter-neck used to be a special occasion dress. But I didn’t have any special occasions. So I cut the dress part off and hemmed it and now it is a top. I’m just telling you this in case there is someone else with a sparkly halter-neck on. Mine will be the one with the wobbly hemline. 

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