One For The Ladies

A little while ago I posted this.

And then my friend Jane started this, which I have been reading a lot this morning. I helped her with the rules.

I think Jane is the answer to the question I posted here. Some people must be innately capable of having time to think about what clothes they wear, as well as being interesting and thoughtful and creative in other ways.

Jane has probably got a shoe-shaped gene. Something extra and special. I have a tramp-shaped gene, that scowls and smells like wet facecloths.

I think if my tramp-gene and Jane’s shoe-gene got into a fight, the tramp gene would throw stones and break bottles and advance menacingly. But then the shoe-gene would do a leg-sweep and stamp on the tramp-gene’s face with a stiletto heel.

My clothes are to stop me being cold and naked. If it was hot and there was no-one else about, I would be quite happy to do without clothes.

I might make an umbrella out of leaves and things to stop me getting sunburned. I’d have to keep my glasses and something to keep my hair out of my face.

Other than that, no clothes would be fine. Maybe after a long time of wearing no clothes I would develop some fur or scales or something. I like the idea of that. It feels like it might be quite an interesting thing to happen.

I am going think of some punishments for Jane in case she infringes the rules.

I might break into her house and check her bins for sneaky receipts and new carrier bags, just in case.

I’m not sure what this post is doing on my blog. It isn’t anything to do with writing. 

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