No Point Not Being Friends: Review

I did the reading. I had a very good time. My story was about a goldfish that was a disappointment. I think it went down okay.

I met Peter Wild again, and he proposed marriage. I declined politely, and now I am kicking myself. He read a story that started with a posh teapot and ended with the final solution. He was an excellent reader and he did tones of voice, facial expressions and hand gestures. I always plan to do things like that, then I get scared and read like a deadpan ironing board.

I listened to a good story that will be out in Ambit, and then chatted to the man who wrote it: Nicholas Royle. Nicholas, like me, had problems with too-tall microphones. All the coolest people do their readings on tippy toes.

Socrates read and stole the show. I may be immature, but I think if you put cake and poo in a story, you will always bring the house down.

There was a transatlantic video link so Shane Jones could be there. That was an Excellent Idea.

During a refreshment break, I hit my head on some ornamental brickwork. I wasn’t drunk, just clumsy. I’ve got a lump on my head now. It really hurts.

Well done Sally Cook and Chris Killen who organised and filmed the night. They did very well indeed.

I’m going away for a few days. That’s because I’m going to be camping. I’m not taking any mobile phone or internetting equipment, but I am going to take my blue typewriter to work on a few things that aren’t to do with fishbook, but need doing.

If you want something to read while I am away, please go to Sh. Exciting things are happening. We still have a fan club on Facebook and we still send updates out from that sometimes. We are still open for chapter submissions. Hand to hand combat scenes will be received favourably. If you haven’t read Sh before and want to start from the beginning, the full list of chapters is here. 

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