Everything In Its Place

Today I looked at this, which made me feel a bit excited. I like charts and graphs and tables. I like spreadsheets and flowcharts. They make me feel productive. I like to be quite neat and orderly about the writing, so that when I am in the writing, I am safe to be not neat and orderly. I can write about silly things so long as I record what I have done at the end of the writing frenzy afternoon, and leave the crazy inside my computer or writing book.

You’d think this would make me a planner. I am definitely not. I have tried to be. The record keeping and performance evaluating part is not allowed to interfere with the writing anymore. The making it up as I go along part doesn’t like that. They have jobs. I keep them separate.

I don’t keep a word-count like Thomas Emson. I started doing it, but it was discouraging when I spent a whole day working and ended up with less words. That happens quite a lot. Filling up the white space isn’t too difficult most days, it is choosing which ones are the bad words and taking those out that takes up the most time.

I do talk to myself in my diary every time I finish a writing frenzy stint. I write about what I did and what I am going to do next. I give myself pep talks and kicks up the rear. When I don’t feel like writing, I write about not feeling like writing until I get sick of myself, then go and do some writing.

P.S I have about 60k good words, and another 30k bad ones. I write some more good words and take out a few bad ones every day. Maybe I should do a pie-chart. 

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