MA Update

I have already had one very good application.

Duncan Cheshire has promised not only to pay me in bags full of coins at the launch of TIME in Derby this weekend, but has also come up trumps with a new author photo. Check it out on his facebook profile.

This shows commitment to the cause.

Send me more pictures and measurements. I will make a ‘Hall of Shame’ for all of us, then agents and publishers will love us. We will have ever thickening manuscripts and appropriate inside-flap photographs. We will be cellar hardened and ready to be authors.

Just the ticket.

I’ve been wanting to say ‘just the ticket’ all day.

I also had another Ace Library Day with special guest visit from Chris Killen who read from his novel, answered lots of questions and got called a ‘bitch’. But I am too tired to blog more about it now.

P.S All the new people who have been coming to this blog because of the MA post should also go to Sh

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