I just read this post here.

I liked it. I like lists. I like lists for writing.

When I want to start, I often have a smell or a taste in my mouth or a feeling and I write a list of all the things it could be like. Or the things it reminds me of. Or if I am stuck, the things it is not.

I start with lists, then I go on to talking.

I find dialogue quite easy to get into. I am Not Saying I Am Ace at it or anything, but I can often hear my people talking to each other before I can see them.

I’m writing a bit of talking tonight, and using my lists to fill in the choreography. It might turn out to be a scene, or just typing practice. The feeling is a bit like digging something that already exists out of the ground (and I suppose editing is brushing away at the fossil with some cotton wool) and a bit like cooking with what is left in the fridge and a bit like building something really interesting out of planks when the sheet with the instructions on it is gone.

I am still drinking rose tea. 

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