If I wasn’t me I would probably like to be one of those women who have Barbie coloured fingernails with perfect white moon shapes on the end. Shiny. Also eyebrows that go up and down perfect.

I don’t look like I am the kind of person who would be interested in things like that. My shoes are always untidy, but I am also very interested in shoes. I’m interested in the kind of shoes I don’t have. I hardly ever wear face-paint but I know there are such interesting things in the world as stencils for eyebrow waxing and little metal rods with holes in the end for extracting blackheads. Also there is green cream to put on your face in case you’re a person who doesn’t like how red their cheeks are (I know it sounds like I am lying, but this time, I’m really not). In the world there actually exist brown and red pencils so you can draw extra lips on your face. Amazing! I also know a little bit about skirts (I know what A line and empire line mean, but I don’t know what a dirndl is) but I hardly ever wear them.

I wonder if I should have a dressing up day. Perhaps I am a secret lady trapped in someone else’s (someone quite lazy and unkempt) body.

I have a little girl and she is quite into dresses and things, and I didn’t encourage that. So perhaps being the kind of woman who does that sort of thing is innate. I can see there might be an evolutionary advantage. But I’ve already replicated my badly dressed genes, so it clearly isn’t foolproof.

Do people who spend time doing these things have time for other things too? I would really like to know.

I think there is a person just like that who will be appearing in one of my stories soon. She will be interesting to write about. I think writing is a bit like dressing up. You could be anyone, really. I like not having to be one person in particular. The next time I have the writing frenzy day I am going to be a woman who has a walk in wardrobe and a dressing table with three mirrors. I will be the sort of person who is not afraid of the pain of waxing. I will use green cream on all my unsightly red facial areas. It is quite exciting.

I am not sure why this belongs on this blog. It is just the sort of thing I am curious about today. 

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