Well done me. I have done a tatty first draft of my book. I can’t give you word count, because most of it is still in handwriting rather than Times New Roman, but I think it will be quite short compared to how I imagine it will be when it is done. So let’s say 50 – 60 thousand words.

I feel much better now it is done. I feel like I can start properly now. Most of my writing is editing, really. I get a bit scared by nothing – blank pages, new word files, notebooks with pages left to be filled. When I have lots of words I can roll my sleeves up and get stuck in. Which I will be doing (that is ‘real’ writing, I think) soon, but not right away.

I am going to write a bit about method and process now. This might not be interesting if you don’t like writing. Sorry.

1. The first novel I wrote was on a typewriter. I typed up the sheets onto a computer. It was rubbish but I still have it.
2. The second novel was written on a laptop. It got stolen (thank god). That was rubbish too, because there wasn’t actually a story to it. I liked doing it though.
3. The third novel was mainly written on a computer. Some parts of it were written on the back of printer paper that had been used to print out short stories I didn’t like anymore. That one was better. I still like that one a lot.
4. The fourth one was written on a computer. I wrote it very quickly because I was scared that I had finished number 3 and wasn’t working on anything else. It is shocking. Much worse than number 1. I don’t have it anymore. There wasn’t anything in it worth saving.
5. This one has been written mainly in A4 pads. This is different for me, as you can see. I tried to type it up when I had time at the weekends, but I started tinkering with it then, so I gave that up. I needed the paper and pen this time, because I was writing it in my car during my lunch break and in bed at night, or early in the morning.

Other things: I think I know what this one is going to be ‘about’ now. I think it will be a bit happier than number 3. It is going to have a happy ending, but it is a happy ending with a sort of shadow to it. I am still suspicious of happy endings. There are going to be less Deep Sea Fish in it than I thought, although there will still be a few. It is nothing like my plan. There are three deaths in it. I think three is the optimum number of corpses to have in a novel.

I am very happy. 

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