Coffee chapbook by Time Travel Opportunists Review

Here is a small review, with pictures. It is for Coffee, a chapbook ‘out now’ written by the Time Travel Opportunists. Which I like.

First, the book comes as a real book. And I got one in the post. It was number 25, which is the same number as I am old. Which I really liked, although I don’t think they knew that when they posted it to me. I opened it in my PJs (white flannel with pink buttons and trim) and there were two extra things (other than the chapbook) in the envelope. One was a coffee bean covered in chocolate (vegan, so carob, I think it must be) inside a little brown envelope. And a little badge with a picture of an espresso jug on it. I ate the coffee bean right away. It was delicious and filled with caffeine nutrition. It stuck in my teeth a little bit, but not much. Which was the main thing.

The book itself. Top Banana! It is available for free to read here, and it comes with a CD with music and singing on. It is brown on the outside and made out of decent paper and sewn and it does not look like some people made it in their lunch hour on a photocopier. It looks ‘professional’ and something that is well worth exchanging some money for. When I held it in my hands but before I read it I thought, ‘this looks good’ and ‘I wish I could do something like this’ and ‘gets’.

The Time Travel Opportunists are Emma and Richard and Nathan. They do good writing. I liked ‘Eras’ (although the first time I read it I thought about how much I liked it and I wondered what I was missing that it was called ‘Ears’). I liked ‘Communion’. Although my favourite one was ‘Company’. It felt like it should be silly and make me laugh a bit because it is mainly about a tortoise, but actually it made me feel a bit sad. But in a good way.

There are some good lines. Here are two, although there are many more than two. All of the stories have good lines in them. But here are two of them:

‘It is a giant full stop that we slowly erase with our tongues.’ (Communion)

‘If Richard had any food in his digestive system before falling asleep he would never wake up.’ (Company)

The Time Travel Opportunists have another themed chapbook out soon. There will be a party. And good books. I hope I perfect motorway driving before then. 

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