3, 2, 1

Just one day to go until that interesting, exciting thing happens.

Also, I am on the home strait of the first draft of my novel. I don’t think I am going to call it Underground Cave of Fish anymore. It is turning out to suit the first title I had in mind for it: Cold Light, much better.

But I am still not sure.

I’ve been working a bit more on the beginning. Now I have settled on what the end is going to be, I know how I want to start it.

Here are the first few lines the way they are at the moment. I will probably change them again sooner or later, but this is the way it is tonight.

Today they will start defrosting the half-ton squid corpse they found last month. They will dissect, examine, take measurements and assess the contents of its newly thawed digestive tract. Afterwards, they will sew up the incisions, introduce embalming fluid and do whatever else is necessary so that it can be sold, presumably, to a museum. I wonder if it will make the fisherman who found it rich. I hope so.
I heard the news on the radio. It made me drop the tea-pot. Hot liquid and curved chunks of broken china skidded over the linoleum.

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