Tag thing

Nik Perring tagged me. Apparently I am supposed to forward this on to six people. Most of the people I know with blogs have done it already. I am late to the party. This nasty little tinterweb thing will die with me.

Six “Interesting” Things About “Me”

1. I have eight middle names.
2. I am allergic to other people’s spit.
3. Once, I killed my whole family and framed my Sunday school teacher for it. She’s staying at one of the Windsor chain of hotels at the moment, and I still visit her often.
4. I have lucid dreams a lot more than is average.
5. I can do really good magic tricks with coins and packs of cards.
6. I am the one person in the world who forgot how to ride a bike, and, after a three year break of not riding the bike, had to learn how to balance again. 

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