Magic Notebook

I have a notebook that I carry around with me. I have bigger notebooks that I keep at home. The ones at home are for my journal, or writing down the names of books that I want to read or have read. They are for keeping track of submissions and reviews. The one that I carry about is not for work things. I have one for that as well. The magic one is for ideas and thoughts and things I have found out or want to find out more about.

Here is a list of what it says on one of the pages (chosen at random)

Lemsip cures panic attacks
Bus War
Someone who works cleaning other people’s houses
I steal things for revenge
I don’t know what kind of fruit is in ‘feel good juice’
she collects things
her flat might fall into the one below if she keeps anything else
ballet shoes, and a light pink coat with fake white fur around the hood
show this to Jane
She worries that when she meets him he won’t recognise her from the photograph
but really it is him that doesn’t recognise her
phototropic zone
rubbish chute and something big down it that blocks everything else up
men come with poles 

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