Increased Output

Today, even though it is the weekend, I got up early and washed my hair and put my shoes on. I put my other clothes on too, of course. But the shoes are important. They make you feel like you are properly going to do something.

That’s because I have today all to myself and I am making it a writing day. I want to get as near as I can to finishing the first draft of fishbook. I haven’t read it back or tinkered with it yet. I expect it will be terrible and I will be distressed when I go back and read it. But then there will be stuff in that draft that I can work with. I don’t know what my stories are about until I can have a read of them. It is clearer on paper than in my head.

I am not sure how typical writers who are full time plan their days. I am going to type, then have my dinner, then go for a walk, then type, then have a cup of tea, then do some writing in my notebook, then clean my desk and go and pick up the Small Fry.

I have banned myself from email, tinterwebs, texting, hoovering and everything else. I am only allowed to press ‘word count’ once, just before I go for my dinner. 

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