100 + Report on Writing Frenzy Day + First Drafts, you are disgusting

Yesterday was my 100th post. If I’d have known that at the time I would have written something better. I will come up with something interesting and 150 themed for when the time comes. Although I might pack this in before then.

Writing Frenzy Day was not as productive as I had hoped. I had two visitors and three phone-calls and the childcare ended unexpectedly early. When I am not in the mood for writing no-one ever comes round. The next time I am feeling lonely and at a loose end I will clear my desk and crack all my knuckles and Febreeze my brown cardigan and wait for company to arrive. But they were nice visits and I was a bit fed up with typing anyway.

In-between the interludes I typed up a lot of the writing I’d done in my notebook into the fishbook computer file and tidied it up. I also wrote three new scenes. One where a woman is getting stalked by someone leaving fluffy pink pencil cases and white gloves on her doorstep. Another where a girl wanders about in the woods and sees a football sticking out of the ice on top of a frozen pond. The last one was about someone seeing someone she knew in a supermarket, only it turned out not to be someone she knew.

I also worked a bit on two stories I am writing. One is about a woman who lives at the very top of a block of flats. She can’t read and the story is called Chute. The other story is about someone who tells amazing stories and then finds statues in his back garden. That one is called Ten Thousand Statues.

I read through the things I had written. I liked the stories, but I wasn’t pleased with fishbook. I thought I should spend another hour or so going through it all and deleting all the rubbish parts. I thought about that for a while. I wondered if there would be anything left. I read the short story called Tea Party that eventually grew into the novel I finished. I like the novel, but the short story is shocking. That made me feel better. I think you are allowed to be disgusted by your first drafts.

After that I finished a review for Vulpes Libris and edited another short story that is forthcoming at Robot Melon. Then I did some drinking and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events. Which I liked a lot. Then I read some of Joy William’s short stories and went to sleep.


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