I Am A Bad Person

Today I was having a frank exchange of opinion with my friend, during which the words ‘absurd’ and ‘neurotic’ and ‘out of proportion’ and ‘unreliable’ and ‘people skills’ were mentioned. I sort of wished I had a tape-recorder so I could write it up because it was just the scene I needed for a bit in the Fish Book I have been struggling with. It would have been ‘authentic’ and not ‘wooden’.

That made me think about when I fell down the stairs holding the Small Fry when she was very little, and she was quite hurt, and I thought for a few minutes she was Brown Bread. That was upsetting, but the nasty bit of me wished for the tape recorder then too.

Then it made me think I have never seen a dead body and I have only been to four funerals in my life and I didn’t cry at any of them because I was too busy looking about for details that I could transfer to my special notebook when I got home. 

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