Guest Post 4: Do Angler Fishes Dream of Curious Librarians?

I have been working in a different library this week. It is quite a bit different to my library. It does have bars on the windows, though. But they are more to keep people out than in. The other people that work there have done their best at disguising the bars in the children’s part of the library. They have made creepers out of crepe paper and wrapped them around the bars, and stuck flowers and bugs on them, so it almost looks like it is the jungle. It is a good effort.

The borrowers here are a good mix of all ages and all types. There are a lot of older people who live in the sheltered housing across the road. They are all lovely. They call me “Dear” and want to know who I am and where I am from. A few even ask about my socks. My socks appear to be a “big hit” in these parts.

I have taken this opportunity of being in a different library to check for books about fish. I felt a bit bad earlier, because the library suddenly got really busy, but I was doing “shelf tidying” so I pretended not to notice and didn’t go to help at the counter. My “shelf tidying” consisted of reading the indexes of four books about marine fish, and one about strange creatures that I was excited to find had phosphorescence in the index. I know that one of the grand perks of my job is I can request books from any library for free, but sometimes that is not the same as actually holding the book in my hands and deciding if it has anything of worth in it. You can’t always tell from a title what information a book is going to hold. Although someone once said that “you can’t open a book without learning something”, which I think is very true.

So today I learned a bit more about bioluminescence. And about oneirodidae, also known as Dreamers. It made me want to write something there and then, but I was supposed to be tidying the 500-699 shelves so I had to shuffle the books around and make sure they looked neat, even if I hadn’t put them in exactly the right order. And then I thought I should probably make sure they were in the right order, because otherwise I would feel anxious at some point next week, and by then it would be too late to do anything about it.

I feel like my head is full of good things at the moment. I am thinking a lot about the Dreamer anglerfish. I wonder who gave them that name? It makes me feel like maybe they are quite special, and that perhaps they have a different “take” on things to the other anglerfishes. I wonder if I’ll dream about them tonight. I think I probably will.

This post was donated by fellow writer and librarian Emma Lannie, who blogs here. It is an excellent post and made me feel inspired to do some more typing about deep sea creatures.

Excellent Fish and Library Work, Emma!

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