Assignment 3: Doomed Lovers

I am thinking that because of things like the tinternets there are probably people all over the world who are writing emails to each other and being friends. Probably there are more people ‘networking’ for ‘career’ reasons on MyArse and Facebook, but in amongst all those hands clutching at each others clothes and tugging for attention there are probably people who are just chatting but using their computers and things like Skype instead of meeting people in pubs and bars and cooking classes and public transport.

They probably talk about ordinary things, and worry about typos and homophones and bad punctuation the same way as people in person worry about accidentally spitting on their clothes when they laugh, or if their shoes are any good, or if they secretly smell but no-one has ever told them.

I am thinking this is probably where shy people come into their own. IM and emails and blogs and things are very useful for making friends if you are shy. And if you have problems with people being in the same room as you and looking at your private things, touching your stuff or staying longer than you wanted them to, the tinterwebs solve all these things.

I am thinking that there are probably lots of people meeting and being friends and being curious about what it would feel like to put the other person’s hair in her mouth or smell the clothes he has just taken off, or touch the things on her desk or see what his couch sounds like when you lie down on it.

I think this means the number of people walking around feeling a bit bad and doomed today is more than before the tinterwebs. But I could be wrong.

This was going to be The Story About Doomed Lovers that Karissa asked for. I would give it a 3/10. I am sorry Karissa. I have lost my blogging mojo. But the other writing is going good and I bought a typewriter a bit like yours to do more of it on. Karissa is doing something a little bit like The Essentials for Life Project

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