Ace Library Day

Today was a special day at the library, involving guests and chocolate biscuits. We even polished the counter with special polish and blue cloths in advance of our guests’ arrival.

I invited Sarah Hymas, who is from Litfest, to come and talk to our reading and writing group with two of her writers from the Flax imprint (follow the link for downloadable e-books, news and submission guidelines for NW writers).

Sarah brought biscuits and Peter Wild, of Bookmunch Fame, who read from Before The Rain. Peter has also edited an anthology for Serpent’s Tail. You can find out more by reading an interview here.

Jan Petersen read a selection from her prose poetry from the collection West Coast, North Hill and answered lots of questions from the guys. You can read a poem of hers here .

I almost felt guilty about being paid for this morning, actually. But not really, because I caught my new green dress on a bolt sticking out from the side of the counter and it tore really badly. 

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