Return of the Interwebs and new Stories Plug

My tinterwebs were delivered last night all shiny and new. Which I am pleased about. So blogging will be back to usual soon. Except I am going on holiday next week. But I will be visiting the library while I am on holiday because everyone can get free internet in the library (plug plug).

I have two new stories ‘out’ too.

There is Wrapping Paper on My Skirt is at Laura Hird’s website in the showcase bit. I really like this story. Sometimes when I read over my stuff after I have written it I get a bit disappointed with it but it hasn’t happened with this one yet. The bio I had to write for this included my ‘top five fibs’. My mum read it and told me off about the fire. I was ashamed.

I Hope You Are Wearing Your Red Coat is in issue two of Robot Melon. I like the other stories on there a bit better than mine. I think I should have drafted it again before sending it off. And I think it is a bit derivative of things I was reading at the time and not really me. Which makes me like it a bit less than the first one. But I still like it. And I like Robot Melon.

That is all for now. I am catching up on almost a month’s worth of emails and missed blogs and preparing the ‘loot/new bookcase/updated desk shots photo shoot’. There is one person who needs a story from me who will be getting it soon. I did not steal the stripy socks or back out of the contract, I promise.

There is also a poem that is my favourite poem in the world at the moment. I should have posted it here on valentine’s day, I suppose. But here it is. 

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