Bookcase Photoshoot

This is nothing to to with anything. I am just very pleased with it. And people who like reading books might like reading this blog. And if you like reading books you might like looking at books. And my new bookcase. 

2 responses to “Bookcase Photoshoot”

  1. beauty_school_dropout says:

    Classy bookcase, but just looking at the Riverside Shakespeare reminds me of carting the damn thing to Trinity every week, just so the cat lady could insult me.

  2. Jenn Ashworth says:

    Hahah – she was a horror. And I really like cats!

    I remember us all sitting together in your room to do the Hamlet read-through and me deciding to 'play' Hamlet as a stroppy Kevin-Style teenager. That's what we did instead of having a social life. God, I'm glad it's all over.

    And I've got TWO of those bookcases now. It's excellent feng shoey.

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