Assignment Number 2

I am taking off my other sock. I am grabbing the bit around my ankle and pulling it down. Now I am standing on one foot and grabbing the toe of the sock and pulling it right off.

Now the other sock is completely off. It is crinkled up on the floor. There’s a yellow price-tag stuck to the bottom of it. It says: £2.99. The sock didn’t cost £2.99. I think I probably stood on this price tag and it came from somewhere else.

Ahhh. That’s better, though. I am wiggling all of my other toes. My other toes look just like the first toes, except the big toe is at the other side. Two matching feet at last. My foot was a bit hot before. Now it is just right. Like the other foot, in fact.

I feel a bit strange with naked feet. I think I will go and put my slippers on. I hope my feet don’t get too hot again. Maybe I will get up and turn the radiator off.

I will. And on my way I will put my stripy sock in the washing basket.

This one is for David Isaak

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