The Key to Good Writing

I think one of the keys to the door of the house of good writing is to stop in the middle or stop before you get stuck. It was all going great last night and I stopped before I really wanted to because my friend came to see me. That meant that when I sat down tonight I knew already what the first few words were going to be.

I should not have to trick myself into it, but I do.

I also have to bribe myself. And since my body is now a temple (I am too superstitious now and I think I won’t be able to drink or smoke ever again, just in case) the only thing I can think of to bribe myself is clementines. They’ve made my fingernails orange.

Here is a shout-out to my friend, Jane, who is also a writer: Jane, I wrote a note in my diary about showing you 5,000 words of my thing that I am writing. You don’t have to read it if you don’t like, but I will put it on your desk anyway. I think it’s because you are a sort of teacher. That means I will be too scared not to do the writing. Please look fierce whenever I see you so that I stay a bit scared and continue to do typing. 

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