Really Excellent Writing

I have been doing some top banana writing the past few days. Maybe it was because I Went Crazy For Three Days and while I Was Crazy new circuits were made in my brain.

I think it might be because I have not done any smoking or drinking or caffeine for ages. I have been taking vitamins and brushing my teeth more than usual. I cleaned my room and washed all my bed linen and scrubbed the toilet because I didn’t want to get ill again.

I think I am probably rancid with health. I am brimming with good ideas and intentions. I think I am probably going to live to be a hundred and write a gaggle of wonderful novels. Which will all be rejected by everyone who is anyone.

I have to move house soon. I have been preparing for this by throwing my things away. I have almost no things now. I really like what that feels like.

I have been working on my new novel and I have also been writing a short story. There’s a certain place I want to submit this story so if they take it you will be able to read it. If they don’t take it I will put it on here and you can read it for free. It is going to be called something like ‘a plan for going to work’ or ‘my job: the plan’ or something like that. I am not good at titles. You could name this story if you liked.

You can name my novel too. It should have something about Deep Sea Fish in the title. The main characters are called Lola and Chloe. There are two murders in it, but not gory ones. I want it to be a bit like a Greek Tragedy. I am not sure exactly what that means. What I mean is, I want to feel the feelings I felt when I first read about the House of Atreus when I read this thing I am writing. I am getting there. 

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