Photoshoot and titles

Here is a picture of the bottle of green ink that came with my Christmas fountain pen. When I got things for Christmas when I was little, really exciting things, someone would always suck at their teeth and say, ‘the novelty will wear off soon enough.’

Well, the novelty has not worn off this. That means I am as pleased with it now as I was when I first got it, which was quite a few days ago. I have had to fill up the fountain pen at least five times since I got it (I told you, I’ve had a writing frenzy) and every time I do it makes me happy.

The main thing that makes me happy is the little toilet paper roll of blotting paper rolled into it’s own secret compartment at the bottom of the bottle. It is even quilted, for total nib comfort, and one side is waterproof so the ink doesn’t soak through and stain your fingers when you are cleaning your newly filled pen. I really, really like doing that.

If anyone wants to get me a present for valentines day, did you know there was such a thing as rose-scented ink in a variety of colours?

The title in progress for this novel is Cold Light which refers to bio-luminescence. That’s how deep sea fish glow in the dark. It is the only kind of light that doesn’t give off heat. I don’t think it’s an ‘ace’ title or anything but I have to call it something and the working title of my other novel was Tea Party.

It is now called A Kind of Intimacy. It’s really very good and not available in all good bookshops, nor online. 

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