Less Lying Than Usual

My tinterwebs aren’t going to be delivered until mid-Feb and I can’t do this at work so don’t expect regular installments for a bit. Sorry.

But, to cheer you up – I won Duncan’s Write Chapter 11 Competition on Untitled Supermarket 2. You might need to read lots of the previous chapters so it makes sense if you aren’t a fan already, but you should do that anyway because the previous chapters are ace. The original was by Chris, so you should read that too. And my competetiors (which I beat into the ground with my superior prose) were Chris and Frank, and you should go and read their stuff too.

I also, as Chris pointed out, got a mention on the BBC website for swapping stories for the essentials of life. The project is still going well. I got stripy socks in the post yesterday. I will do a ‘loot photoshoot’ soon. The ‘swap stories for essentials of life project’ (snappy, heh?) also got a mention in the very wonderful Snowbooks Blog by Rob Jones.

The new house is very nice. My cat has gone missing and I can’t get the bin down the ginnel on my own, but other than that, it is ace. I have a new red bookcase. That might be in the photoshoot too. It is sort of to do with book-writing. 

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