I Went Crazy for Three Days

Yes, I really did. Proper crazy. I thought I was typing, and flying, and getting chocolate money from my little one. I thought time was speeding up and it was my personal job to save all the important parts from the minutes that we were going to miss out on because it was going too fast. I thought I was falling out of bed. When the doctor took my temperature, she laughed.

I’ve never been properly ill before. I remember having chicken pox. I went a bit crazy then too, and thought there was a green ruby buried under my bedroom floor. My mum found me tearing at the carpet with my fingernails. And once when I had an ear infection I saw my mum coming to get me in the top bunk walking along a tight-rope from a long, long way away, with feathers in her hair. But apart from those two things I have never been properly ill before.

The doctor said I had to stay in bed and take my medicine and drink lots of water. Not read or wash up or do anything. This felt impossible but my friend helped me do it. I am proud that my body has been busy making itself better and I am nearly ready to go back to work. I am pleased about my new fountain pen and the bottle of green ink.

I have had lots of good ideas for the new thing I am writing. Also, because I’ve been asleep for about a week, my body has given up smoking on my behalf. I’m really pleased about that. 

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