A List of Things I Will Accept For A Story

I have already had a couple of emails about it. Which is really exciting.

1. Yes, I mean it. I will write you a story. I would prefer you not to use your car to bring me the things that I need. If you can post them or bring them that would be better.
2. Yes, I will write you porn. You should probably let me know the sort of things you like in your porn. Or I can just make it up myself. It is unlikely to be erotic for you, but it might be entertaining.
3. The stories might be short ones or long ones. That depends on what I am feeling like that day. I am not asking for big things for each story. Sometimes short ones take a long time to write.
4. Yes I will read them out and email you a sound file. I am not sure how to do it though.
5. If you want a story you can email me or post in the comments. You can say what you would like it to be about. You can offer something that is not on the list. I prefer practical things.

The Stuff I Want

1. Washing up liquid
2. Popping corn
3. Cardboard boxes
4. Shampoo
5. Socks. (I have little feet and I like stripes.)
6. Cat biscuits
7. Rose-scented ink for my new fountain pen. 

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