Whenever I hear about podcasting I think about a programme that I used to watch after school. Children got to be in it and pretend to be on a quest. The Dungeon Master (beardy man) helped them out sometimes. The one who was doing the quest had a big helmet on them which stopped them from seeing (unless they carried the eye-shield). If they were in a fix they could Spellcast, which was like a magic trick, but was also educational as it helped with spelling. I remember all this fairly clearly, sitting right in front of the television and getting told off because I was blocking the heat from the fire. I’m pretty sure I am not making it up.

The ‘point’ of this ‘post’ is to draw your attention to the podcast Melissa Mann has made out of my story, Thumb. If you want to listen to it you should click on that link and then click on the November 07 podcast which is in a little grey box on the right hand side. 

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