Things that make me happy

I dislike Christmas quite a lot. I hate having to go to shops when there are other people there, and I hate STUFF you have to clean or put away or put together or find instructions for, and I get worried about buying presents in case I bought the wrong thing and then the person who I bought it for hates me because I misjudged so terribly.

But this year I am sort of excited because my little one is getting excited. I think she was too little to understand the lying before, but she’s swallowed the Santa-fib hook line and sinker this year. It has put me in a good mood. It is, possibly, the third good mood that I have had this year. I am taking advantage and making a things that make me happy list.

1. Being in the dark and listening to the radio.
2. Going to sleep with my head at the feet end of the bed.
3. Beeping the horn on the car.
4. Having a really good handwriting day.
5. My red coat with the hood.
6. Hot air balloons.
7. My nasty, too-fat, fighting cat.
8. When one of the cacti gets a flower.
9. Listening to little one have conversations with her bears.
10. My new stripy bed blanket. 

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