Things I Might Feel Like Doing After I Eat My Tea Which I am Waiting To Be Ready Right Now.

1. Make a list of things to buy for Christmas.
2. Watch a DVD.
3. Do some writing.
4. Finish reading Seven Plots.
5. Go to the offy.
6. See if there is any icecream left.
7. Change the bedsheets.
8. Play with the cat.
9. Put all the things I want to take to the charity shop into the boot of the car.
10. Go on the tinterweb.
11. Have a bath.
12. Use the special lemony spray to take away the bad smell in the fridge.
13. Write something that needs writing for work.
15. Catch up on emails.
16. Catch up on book reviewing.
17. Go to sleep.
18. Sit very still and rest my eyes while listening to Radio 4. 

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