The Secret of Writing

Here is a list of some of the things I do when I am writing, and the answer to the question I sometimes ask myself – why does it take me a month to write a short story when I write for three hours every night? Also, in case you wondered, it is why there aren’t any videos of writers doing writing on youtube.

1. make cup of tea
2. find brown cardigan
3. sniff brown cardigan
4. wince
5. wear brown cardigan
6. open file.
7. read what i wrote last night
8. mess about with commas and semi colons
9. put the comas and semi colons back where they were
10. try it in present tense
11. take all the describing words out
12. do ‘find’ and ‘replace’ on all the characters’ names
13. put it back to how it was before
14. find and wear woolly socks
15. read a different story that i wrote last month, that i really like
16. have a fag break. feel pleased with myself.
17. surf web for mags to submit good story to
18. brainstorm titles for stories
19. find good writers on other people’s mags
20. google them
21. see if they are on facebook
22. put little one back in bed and threaten to remove stickers from chart
23. remove stickers from chart
24. sit on bench in back yard to ignore temper tantrum
25. put stickers back on chart
26. put little one in bed
27. drink wine
28. check facebook
29. check emails
30. check feedreader
31. check emails
32. write a blog post
33. consider buying a television
34. go on amazon
35. type like fury for half an hour
36. drink wine
37. google ‘writing retreat’
38. google ‘angler fish’
39. do a google image search for ‘angler fish’
40. do yoga for sore necks and backs
41. check emails
42. type like fury
43. find more mags to submit stories to
44. fag break
45. think about work
46. make list of things to do at work tomorrow
47. google ‘sleeper train’
48. type like fury
49. check word count
50. brush teeth 

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