A List of Everything That Is On My Desk

1. Modem, flashing lights.
2. Computer monitor, keyboard, box and speakers.
3. Roll of sticky tape.
4. Brown pot containing five pens, one marker and two broken pencils.
5. ‘So Very English’ Serpent’s Tail short story anthology.
6. Packet of Golden Virginia, half full.
7. Plastic saw from a plastic tool set.
6. Fireman Sam DVD.
7. Two notebooks.
8. Best of Fry and Laurie DVD boxed set.
9. Lancashire County Council Health and Safety mousemat.
10. Packet of Rizzla.
11. Wind in the Willows tin containing brown kirby grips and a button.
12. Packet of incense sticks.
13. Green and black sparkly hair clip.
14. Cold mug of tea with dog end floating in it.
15. Le Rayon Vert DVD
16. Box of tarot cards.
17. America CD
18. Jojoba facial cream exfoliator from the Body Shop.
19. Green and Blue stripy notebook.
17. Swan extra slim filter tips.
18. The Simpsons DVD boxed set.
19. ‘Frightening, Terrifying, Horrific’ glow in the dark Top Trumps
20. Half Nelson DVD
21. Natwest Bank Graduate Account Manager’s business card.
22. Organ Donor Card.
23. Train tickets: Preston to Blackburn.
24. Belt and chain and tally and whistle and radio pouch thing for work.
25. Blue flea comb.
26. Red elastic band. 

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