As you can see if you take your internet-weary eyes a couple of inches to the right: I did the reading and survived. I took two pieces – a dark one and a funny one – and I wasn’t going to decide until I got there which one to read. I thought I would wait a bit until I’d heard some of the others and felt the ‘atmosphere’. That was the plan, which was I predictably foiled by being first (perhaps because my last name starts with an ‘A’).

So I read the dark one, which I like just as much as the funny one, but I don’t think anyone else liked it. They laughed every time I said ‘fuck’ (there were two ‘fucks’ and one ‘fucker’) and laughed even more when I said ‘boob’ and ‘mong’ and ‘fat’. The man who was on after me got a much bigger clap, and he wrote a story about a man who lost his cock while shagging a cow, got a series of artificial attachments plugged into a ‘Shagazine’ (the Cumberland Slitherer being one of these) and practiced his new skills with an Lady Eskimo, some angel delight and a ‘shag-o-meter.’ I think he deserved the big clap, because his cardigan was something to behold.

My other two plugs are short and sweet. A new little story at Six Sentences (please look at everyone else’s too: writing that makes me feel less bad about being such an attention seeker) and my attempt at a book review on Vulpes Libris. Just my luck, my first review for the new site was of a book that is out of print. But there is always the library. 

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