Getting About

1. I have written a short story about a cat called Dewey Decimal which you can read here, if you like. If you want to write a story about a cat you should. It is the cure for hoity-toity writing and it makes me laugh.

2. I have been asked to be a contributor to Vulpes Libris which is a blog about books. I will be writing quirky and grumpy reviews about books that I read. One will be going up there this weekend. I haven’t written book reviews before but I am going to type fast and do my best. There will be a few other reviewers as well as me so even if you don’t think I will be that good at writing about books you should go there and look at it every day and find out about new books to read from the others.

3. Tomorrow I will be doing a reading at the Spotlight Club in Lancaster, and if you want you can come and see me. I don’t know what I will be reading yet, or if I am good at it. I get very nervous, but the last couple of readings went okay so I am sure this one will too. 

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